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Jan Vertonghen sounds willing to exit


Jamie McDonald

Jan Vertonghen talked to the London Evening Standard about the possibility of moving away from Tottenham Hotspur, and the quotes won't thrill anyone. While it's not explicitly stated that this interview was done after the Norwich loss, it's being presented as very recent.

"Those are always difficult questions. What I want is to be playing in the Champions League with Tottenham, so I hope we get in this year. Do I have a decision to make if we don't? I can't say anything about that. Let's see after the end of the season, after the World Cup."

That's the incredibly professional way of saying that he wants to go somewhere else if Tottenham aren't in Champions League. This isn't an insult to the club or a demand, it's just him saying that he's good enough to play for a big Champions League club and he's going to take that opportunity if it arises.

I can't blame him. This is the risk Spurs take when they buy young, but not too young players with Champions League ambitions. If we fail to reach the Champions League and they're playing at a level higher than their teammates, they're always going to want to leave.