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So Tim Sherwood knows how to talk. Whatever.

We are still Spurs. You will not convince me that we are not Spurs.

Clive Rose

I've praised Tim Sherwood over and over for saying the right things to the media. He's obviously lacking polish as a tactician and based on Tottenham Hotspur's up-and-down performances, I'm guessing he's still got a lot to learn in the psychology department too, but the guy has the talking to the media thing down perfectly. It's going to get him another good job if he doesn't last at White Hart Lane

But the thing is ... I'm tired of saying the right things without reaching our goals. It kind of sucks. Before going further, here's what Sherwood had to say to Spurs TV, with quotes transcribed by The Guardian, about the Norwich loss and where Spurs are headed going forward.

"Good players and good teams come back when they're down and that's what we've got to do straight away," Sherwood said on Spurs TV. We certainly need to have character now to play in front of our home fans after the disappointment of losing to a team around the bottom of the league. That happens, what can you do? You can't crawl into a corner and hide. You have to confront it and have a go."

Yes, good stuff, but we all know what's going to happen in the coming weeks. We're going to beat Cardiff at home, because we've always been okay at the bouncing back after a bad defeat thing, save for that time Harry Redknapp was angling for the England job. Then we'll go to Stamford Bridge and put up a heck of a fight and lose a close game. Then we'll show up for the Arsenal game and play well and keep everyone's hopes up. Then we'll play like crap against Southampton and suck worse at Anfield.

After that loss at Anfield, with our season well and truly over, we'll play pretty well for the rest of the season. We'll finish the season on something like 70 points and in 5th place. There will be a serious debate about whether or not Sherwood earned his job. Whether he stays or goes, half the fanbase will be pissed. Jan Vertonghen and Hugo Lloris will not be dicks about leaving, but their agents will leak to the press that [big club 1] and [big club 2] are interested and that they'd like to sign for them if a deal can be worked out.

Spurs are still Spurs. We will continue to be Spurs for the foreseeable future.