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Tuesday football open thread

In which we talk about the competition we are not in. Womp womp.

Alex Grimm

Happy Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen. The UEFA Champions League is back today, and with games staggered for maximum viewing pleasure. I don't know why UEFA doesn't do this every week, even when there aren't games in Russia. I guess they don't like money? They could get a lot more for TV if they played games at 6 and 8, or 7 and 9, or 8 and 10 CET. Does someone want to tell them?

Anyway, Zenit St. Petersburg vs. Borussia Dortmund gets underway at 9 pm local time, 5 pm in the UK and 12 pm ET. You can catch it on FOX Sports 1 in the US, Sky Sports 1 in the UK and Sportsnet World in Canada. The late game is Olympiakos vs. Manchester United, which kicks off at 9:45 pm local time, 7:45 pm ET, 2:45 pm ET. That game is showing on the same channels in the US and Canada, but will be on ITV in the UK.

This is your open thread, so chat away.