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Wednesday Champions League Open Thread

Real Madrid's taking on Schalke and oh God Gareth Bale and I'm crying you guys

David Ramos

Champions League action continues today on the telly and internet. This here is your place to chat about it. Get your talk on about Schalke v. Real Madrid (OH GOD COME BACK PLZ GARETH) and Galatasaray v. Chelsea. Oh God I miss Gareth Bale so much. He's like that ex of yours that you broke up with last summer that you loved SOOO MUCH but you know the relationship had run its course and it was time for you to part ways but still now you see her with this new guy and you're like ALL THE EMOTIONS.

I love you. I HATE YOU. I love you, Gareth.

Remember the open thread rules: be nice to each other, no links to illegal streams, and have fun.