Masthead-Free Podcast, Episode 01 - "Nobody actually, like, loves me."


Did you guys know Cartilage Free Captain has a podcast series?

It's true, Wheeler Dealer Radio used to be a regular thing - an hour full of Mechanick and friends offering sensible rambling, footballing smarts, and butchered names scattered about. We all loved it.

And then it just sort of disappeared.

To satiate the pod-starved population, few of the Commentariats decided it would be a good idea to make a "for us, by us" podcast. Confusingly enough, there were multiple like-minded people and many ideas were thrown about with nothing much actually happening. Tottenham Makes Me Cry decided to step up, round up a few people, and actually get this thing done - 55thVin and Brixton17 joined to provide a balance of football knowledge and shenanigans, and a01chtra was brought on board to provide the accent.

And then Skipjerk and LE stole the thunder with the (un)timely revival of WDR, making this release all the more awkward.

Anyways, here's the first release of Commentariat's own podcast. Enjoy.

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