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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For February 28, 2014

Corporal Klinger, The Gap, and Shawn Michael's selling like a champ.

I can smell your tears sir
I can smell your tears sir
Jamie McDonald

Happy Friday, Spursland! After yesterday's match, I can now answer the most pressing question about this Spurs team: who is Johnny Vertical's professional wrestling idol? It's clearly Shawn Michaels because of this match. Ya get it?

And now the "news"

Naughton Hints At Exit- Sky Sports

We all watched you play yesterday. If you want to start at right back I suggest a team like Blackburn.

Villarreal Fined, Warned Over Tear Gas Incident- SB Nation Soccer

Somewhere in Valencia there is a 14-year-old wannabe anarchist who just wishes he was in Kiev and is feeling like a total boss right now.

High Schooler Scored 70 Yard Goal In 5 Seconds- SB Nation Soccer

We are waiting on confirmation of rumors that the Keeper was to busy taking a selfie with fans.

Sydeny Leroux Is Not Good At Happy Gilmore Thing- SB Nation Soccer

I am also pretty sure that Bob Barker could beat the shit out of her too, but I am sure she would show some heart.

Down With Fair Play- SB Nation Soccer

More like down with #casualkeepers. Keepers being all casual about their jobs. I bet that guy shops at the GAP.

Michael Bradley Loses Bet, Puts On Canadian Jersey - SB Nation Soccer

I think the Canadians are still smarting from the fact that Bret Hull chose to play for the good guys who don't put stupid leaves on our flags.

The Toledo Mud Hens Unveils Ghostbusters Themed Jerseys- SB Nation MLB

Somewhere Toledo's hero Max Klinger is smiling.