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Man of the match for Tottenham-Hull: Jan Vertonghen

This was a hard choice.

Tim Keeton

Finding a man of the match for this weekend's game against Hull was nearly impossible. Not because it was an absolutely terrible performance, but simply because no one stood out. There weren't many awful individual errors or truly abysmal performances, nor was anyone exceptional. I'm not going to bother to do player ratings this week because literally everyone was three stars.

So what do we base man of the match on? Do we give it to the player who showed the most promise? Do we give it to Paulinho just for scoring the only goal? Do we give it to Nabil Bentaleb for still being pretty dang good for a 19-year-old? I have no idea what criteria one could apply to this match to come up with a clear man of the match for Tottenham Hotspur.

With very, very little to work with, we're naming Jan Vertonghen as the editorial staff's man of the match for the game against Hull. Of the three defenders who were at least partially at fault for the goal -- Vertonghen, Michael Dawson and Danny Rose -- he was least at fault. He looked comfortable and, despite that one bad moment, the defense looked more comfortable than they have in other games under Tim Sherwood. It's obvious that there are good things to come for Spurs if Vertonghen is healthy.

I can't say the same about any of the midfielders or forwards, who were all average at best. The wide players didn't create much, Paulinho had a lot of giveaways, Bentaleb played it safe, Emmanuel Adebayor did very little before he got hurt and Roberto Soldado's finishing was terrible again. Vertonghen is the only player I can say played up to his normal standard and better than I think the alternative in his position would have played. He wins by default.