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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For February 4, 2014

Buzzfeed is evil and Everton are like Colombia. It's weird, deal with it.

Gareth Copley

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! We had certain expectations coming into this season -- certain goals set for our beloved team. Is it time to re-evaluate those goals? It doesn't look likely that we will achieve what we wanted to at the beginning of the season. We are close, but it just doesn't feel like it will happen.

Let me hear you, Spursland,. What would you be happy with coming out of this season?

And now the "news"

Chelsea And Tottenham Lead EPL To Transfer Spending Dominance- Bloomberg

I bet they are saying the same thing years from now, after we sell Tom Carroll

Gylfi Says We Are Stronger Now Than Last Year- Sports Mole

Where did you hear that, Gylfi? Was it from Buzzfeed? I bet is was on Buzzzfeed. Well Buzzfeed is evil! Look at the things they do to people! Look at the angst in that man's eyes.

Will Chelsea Sell Lukaku To Everton- Royal Blue Mersey

If this goes through I will be so very, very upset. This would be like if the Russians (lolz) just gave Colombia nukes for no other reason than "well, we just have no room for these killers." And Colombia doesn't like us. That would be bad for us.

Nothing Lasts Forever- SB Nation Soccer

And we both know hearts can change. And it's hard to hold a candle in the cold November Rain.

Promotion Watch- SB Nation Soccer

I'd like to think that when he mentions "people who like Harry Redknapp" he is referring to me and me alone.

Chelsea Stun City In Manchester- We Ain't Got No History

Maybe they really don't need Lukaku. Fuck.