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Andros Townsend is back in training

Any new bodies on the wing are good.

Paul Gilham

We've heard for a couple of weeks that Andros Townsend is close to coming back from his hamstring injury, but he's been kept out for the last two games. On Tuesday, he returned to full training, and Tottenham Hotspur had the proof.

Townsend had quite a few flashes of brilliance, but arguably more struggles as he attempted to be one of the players who combined to fill Gareth Bale's shoes. His decision-making on the right wasn't great and he had more shots go into the stands than test the keeper.

However, he's been very good when he's gotten chances on the left wing. He has enough of a right foot to keep defenders honest, but he's excellent at creating space for a cross on the wing. He also seems to have a good sense of when to lob a cross towards the back post, when to drill a low cross and when to cut the ball back.

Before he picked up his hamstring injury, Townsend looked excellent against West Ham. Given the shaky form of Aaron Lennon, Nacer Chadli and Gylfi Sigurdsson, he's going to have opportunities. I'm looking forward to seeing him on the bench against Everton.