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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links February 6, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, WITH ANDROS.

Paul Gilham

Happy Thursday Spursland! Andros Is back, WE ARE SAVED. Choo, choo! Choo, choo! You there, in the engineer's cap, shovel some more coal into the furnace! The hype train is back on the tracks and is leaving the station.

And now the "news"

The Golden Kyle- Sky Sports

He just loves us so very, very much

Taarabt Says Tottenham Is Not As Professional- Sqwuaka

Yes, a guy who hasn't played here in four years said something about our professionalism. Not like we've seen any changes in the administration in those years. This is someone trying to throw away a meaningless comment. I can't even pretend to care

Zlatan Sends Ronaldo A Birthday Gift- SB Nation Soccer

Nice come back, Ronaldo (NOT!). By the way I am now under an official mandate from Ryan to get the Zlatan up. i won't discuss the numbers, but the metrics he wants for Zlatan in the Hoddle are insane.

MLS To Expand To 22 Teams With David Beckham Owned Miami Team- SB Nation Soccer

They will not play in shirts, but in boxer briefs with giant codpieces.

Depth, Smart Substitutions And Keeping The Champions League Chase Alive- Royal Blue Mersey

When is this team not going to win with their savvy concept of holding a team together with a shoestring budget, a roll of duck tape and several sticks of gun?