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Jan Vertonghen doesn't seem to have a stylistic preference

Lots of players talk about preferring to play a certain style of football. If Jan Vertonghen has a preference, he's saying the right things.

Clive Mason

It's customary for players to gush about how their manager has their team playing the game the right way when they're trying to play like Barcelona, but dodge questions about style when playing an entirely different way. Tottenham Hotspur have ditched their possession over everything attitude under Tim Sherwood, opting for a much more direct approach that is built around the skills of Emmanuel Adebayor.

While it might not be Andre Villas-Boas' or Frank de Boer's cup of tea, Jan Vertonghen isn't expressing a preference for playing a different way or side-stepping questions about how Tottenham operate under Tim Sherwood. Whether he's being a good soldier or being genuine is anyone's guess, but he's saying the right things, at least. Emphasis is mine.

"I think Tim is doing very well. He feels the connection with the players and everyone is happy with him. Every manager has his own thing. Tim is maybe a little bit more direct. You never know what the best thing is for the team so I think this is working out quite well."

While I'm sure attacking midfielders and strikers have a stronger opinion about knowing what's best for the team, it's nice to have star players who don't feel football is inherently better one way than another. The way Spurs are currently playing under Sherwood might not be my cup of tea or yours, but it's nice that he has the backing of the players.