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Hey Tim Sherwood, they say it's your birthday!

Da-na-na-na-na-na, na-na.

Clive Rose

Hey folks, did you know that it's Tim Sherwood's birthday?!? Yes, our first team coach was born on February 6, all the way back in 1969, meaning he's 45 years old today. The club probably got him a promise to buy a player that he doesn't want and his wife probably got him a grilled cheese sandwich, so we figured we'd pitch in and make sure Timmy had a birthday he'd always remember. Here's what the CFC staff decided to get for our manager.

  • A left back
  • Coaching badges
  • Dimitar Berbatov
  • Correct-footed shoes for Roberto Soldado
  • A copy of "Inverting The Pyramid" by Jonathan Wilson
  • A subscription to FourFourTwo
  • A suit
  • Actually, like 5 suits
  • A gift certificate for one lesson at The Glenn Hoddle Academy
  • A car for him to conduct interviews from
  • Actually we totally forgot it was his birthday and didn't get him anything so we grabbed some candy from Sainsbury's

What will you be getting Sherwood, commentariat? Let us know below.