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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For February 7, 2014

The Olympics! And references I hope more than three, but few than 12 people get.

Tim Keeton

Happy Friday, Spursland! It's the Olympics, boys and girls. Oh, one of the great events in all of humanity is back again and, as always, it is a tour de force of human emotion, triumph, failure, commercialism, corruption, and puppy murder. Now, many people don't like the Winter Olympics for a number of reasons: the variety of events is limited by weather, figure skating is a major thing, how many ways can we think of to slide down a hill and that it's racist.

And sure, it comes with even more annoying crap than the summer games, like that god awful NBC documentary about Shawn White that consisted of him not doing tricks after millions of dollars of camera and snow gear was set up for him to practice in Australia, and him carrying his own amp to a rock show he played after bailing on practice. Have I mentioned figure skating is a major thing yet?

I get that, on paper, the Winter Olympics are not as good as the summer games in a number of way -- and yes Sochi is a complete disaster, just a half-completed construction site desperately hoping nobody has noticed -- but it's the Olympics and humanity (the white, usually rich, cold weather dwelling half) is coming together to say we are more than just a series of unfortunate events (like being friends with Bryan). We do this to see human moments and experience the very best without the human spirit like in this Olympic moment, or Prefontaine going for it and failing, or this one ( I don't remember Sarah Vowell being an Olympian). Oh crap, those are all Summer Olympic things, aren't they. Eh fuck it, let's go sledding.

And now the "news"

Bentaleb Set To Commit To Algeria- Off The Post

Oh no, oh please of god no. Now the English media has one less bullshit story to cycle through every 3-4 days just to fill space. You see, friends, the "will Bentaleb commit to play for England?" is the kind of ridiculous story the tabloids use as filler around whatever is the one or two real stories in the sports section each day and I have to comb through all of these to see what is real and what is bullshit. I try very hard to not give you bullshit and once I have figured out what is bullshit I know I can just skip past those articles about it whenever they pop up, but one I know is crap goes away for good, I mourn. Now new bullshit will replace it and it's more crap for me to comb through.

It's The Year Of The Horse And That Means Things For Spurs- Spurs Official

It is time to call this out. The team's YouTube game has been horrific since Tim Sherwood took over. What happened to all the wacky fun games? All we get now is some weird metaphor about horses that loosely relates to the change in the Eastern culture's (China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia you get the point) New Year.  This shall not stand!

Okay, it will probably stand. I really don't have any way to pressure the team to get their social media game up.

Boatafogo Have Giant Tifo For Copa Libertadores Return - SB Nation Kicking Balls

Man that TIFO is GIANT!  I got nothing on this.

Everton Releases Financial Statements- Royal Blue Mersey

Ugh, where is Michael Caley? This things has numbers in it. I don't do numbers. I don't know what numbers are.

Winter Olympics Day 1 In Pictures- SB Nation

Sure, the opening ceremonies haven't happened yet, but that didn't stop these guys from getting after it. I mean, after all, these are the X-treme sports am I right? There are no rules!