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Frank de Boer expresses interest in Tottenham, Liverpool jobs

Apparently the speed and intensity of the managerial carousel at White Hart Lane is not as big of a turn-off for decent managers as we might have feared.

Jasper Juinen

Big club with decent resources in 'being attractive to football managers' shock! Ajax coach Frank de Boer has set the record straight on what has occurred and may yet occur between the Tottenham hierarchy and himself in the wake of the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas last December, and admitted that he may be tempted by the prospect of managing Spurs at some point in the future. Or perhaps Liverpool. De Boer un-clarified his views thusly:

"Those two clubs are clubs that I think in the future I could be a manager of. I think the history of the clubs and what you can do with the team is my cup of tea."

I don't think many Liverpool fans will be particularly happy with having their history compared to ours, but I'm just quoting the man verbatim here. He added:

"Tottenham called my manager with the possibility after sacking [Andre] Villas-Boas but I said, 'no, right now it's not the right moment' ".

While also claiming:

"I'm not really thinking about it because I'm very happy here at Ajax. I'm not in a hurry to leave because everybody is still happy with me.

"I step in my car with a big smile to go to the club. I don't think I'm finished here but there will come a time when I don't like it any more or the club doesn't like me anymore. Then we have to go both ways."

So there you have it. Frank de Boer, the former and also possibly current future prospective forerunner for the Tottenham job, may or may not put his name forward for the Tottenham job that may or may not exist in summer or in 18 months' time. Or possibly that of one of our closest League rivals, if that job is or isn't available at some similarly indeterminate time in the future.

Doesn't this whole managerial saga leave you with such a warm, happy feeling of completion inside?