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Is Erik Lamela's injury worse than Spurs are letting on?

Tottenham Hotspur's record signing, Erik Lamela, hasn't played in 2014 due to injury and with no return date evident some are beginning to wonder how badly the player is actually hurt.

Paul Gilham

Eric Lamela, Tottenham Hotspur's record signing, hasn't exactly had the greatest season in his first year in North London. The Argentine international has made 18 appearances (only ten starts) for Spurs this year and hasn't made any in this calendar year. For much of new manager Tim Sherwood's reign, Lamela has been out with a thigh injury. The injury is still keeping the player out and, according to Sherwood, there's still no definite return date for the midfielder.

"He’s injured. He’s had a thigh injury and he’s got a niggle in his back. We’re still assessing him...They [the medical staff] keep monitoring the situation and I keep asking from an update, and they keep telling me that we’ll just have to investigate a little bit further. Hopefully we’re making progress, I couldn't put a time on it."

That's not super encouraging, is it? Look, I trust Spurs medical staff completely. The kept Ledley King playing at a high level for years. Our medical staff was integral in saving Fabrice Muamba's life and they also managed to tape Gareth Bale together pretty well over the years. However, if they still don't know what's wrong with Lamela or when he's going to be back, that's very suspicious. At the very least shouldn't he see a specialist?

Regardless of what the injury is, Lamela needs to get back to fitness. It's not that Spurs need him so much that he needs them. With the possible exception of  Roberto Soldado, no Spurs player has been under more pressure to perform this season than Lamela has. While he's delivered in fits and spurts, he's yet to put together a solid run of form.

Seriously, Lamela needs to put together a Gareth Bale-esque run of matches in order to relieve some of the pressure on him. Imagine this summer if Lamela's year continues in the fashion it's gone so far. We'll be inundated with rumors of a sale or loan. He'll be branded as a flop. The team's next David Bentley, only with less cool hair. Please Erik, get back to full health and play your ass off the rest of the way so there's nothing for the peanut gallery to complain about.