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All touches: Check out Nabil Bentaleb's performance against Everton

We thank the world for bringing this to us.

Shaun Botterill

Unsurprisingly, Algerians are taking a bit of interest in Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Nabil Bentaleb. He's a Frenchman, but eligible for Algeria through his parents. While he could become good enough to play for France later in his career, he probably won't be suiting up for them anytime soon. Meanwhile, Algeria are in this year's World Cup and are a bit thin of the center of midfield. He's yet to confirm or deny his interest in a call-up.

Until he denies that he's interested, we're going to get more videos like this one. This comes via a channel that does a lot of highlight and all-touches videos for Algerian players or players of Algerian heritage. They've brought us this great video from Sunday's game against Everton.

Bentaleb looked a tad bit uncomfortable in his defensive duties, but his passing was sharp. Hopefully he'll grow into the role and get better defensively as time goes on.