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Saturday football open thread

In which we pray fervently for Southampton and Stoke victories

Mike Hewitt

Welcome to the weekend, Spurs fans! After a dazzling midweek comeback victory to set us on our way in Europe, we return to the grey skies of the Premier League and our fading top four hopes. After a hugely disappointing defeat last weekend, all that remains of the 2013/14 EPL season is the schadenfreude of watching our rivals lose and the tragic delusion that just maybe there's still a chance. Come join me in my delusion, won't you?

Chat with the fine CFC commentariat as we pray desperately for a slip-up to restore some hope to the remainder of the season. Except for Man City, all the teams above us play today. Liverpool go away to their bogey-team Southampton in a very losable fixture, while Arsenal head to the Potteries to take on Charlie Adam and try to avoid grievous bodily harm. If you're really feeling optimistic (read: probably not a Spurs fan), we have a top vs. bottom affair as Fulham host Chelsea in a David and Goliath match-up, only instead of a sling and deadly aim David has Scott Parker.

On today's schedule (times in EST):

Everton v. West Ham (10:00 am)

Fulham v. Chelsea (10:00 am)

Hull City v. Newcastle United (10:00 am)

Stoke City v. Fartsenal (10:00 am)

Southampton v. Liverpool (12:30 pm)

So drop up on by, put your feet up, and a stay a while. Play nice in the comments, and please, no links to illegal streams.