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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Engaged

Lack of Character, Lack of Freedom

Jamie McDonald

Wheeler Dealer Radio returns with both hosts coping with the recent bad result and one host coping with his future married to an Arsenal fan.

To download, right click, and save as here.

In the latest edition we address the disaster at Stamford Bridge, the problems with Tim Sherwood, and the problems with Tim Sherwood's problems with the team. Then we move onto managerial candidates that will inevitably replace Sherwood come summertime. We address Jan Vertonghen and his bad attitude. We look at the AVB firing and if it was warranted in retrospect. We attempt to preview Benfica without jumping off a roof. Then we get depressed and curl into a fetal position for a bit. We might also discuss how drug use is helping us make it through the dog days of the 2013/14 season. Finally we address your questions which is as uplifting as you would expect. Basically we're screwed and we talk about it for a while. Strap in and fire up your anti depressants.