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Spurs won't have to deal with Mesut Özil

That's one less problem for Tottenham Hotspur against Arsenal.

Laurence Griffiths

Tottenham Hotspur will come up against an Arsenal side absolutely riddled with injuries when they host the Gunners in the Premier League over the weekend, and another name just got added to that injury list. Mesut Özil, who was substituted at halftime of Tuesday's Champions League game against Bayern Munich, looks set to miss some significant time with a hamstring injury.

Obviously Arsenal won't know the extent of the injury until Özil has an MRI, but if Wenger is already declaring he's out a few weeks, he'll almost certainly miss out against Spurs, even if the injury is less serious than feared.

While missing any kind of warm body is going to be a long-term problem for the currently thin Arsenal squad -- they only named six subs against Bayern -- losing Özil might not hurt them too much against Spurs. The secret has slowly seeped out that Özil hasn't been great in 2014, and Tomas Rosicky probably presents an even bigger problem for Spurs than the German playmaker.