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Emmanuel Adebayor attracting some interest from Italy?

When Emmanuel Adebayor is out of form, Spurs can't offload him to save their lives. When he's in form? Everyone wants him.

Clive Rose

Do you remember when Emmanuel Adebayor was frozen out of the team by Andre Villas-Boas and Tottenham Hotspur couldn't find anyone to sell him to? Galatasaray were rumored to be interested, but Ade wasn't too keen on it and nothing happened. Eventually he sat in exile, then burst back to life under Tim Sherwood. Now that he's back in form, he's wanted, apparently.

Enter AC Milan. Sky Sports Italia, via Football Italia, say that the Rossoneri are interested in Ade's services. As regular followers of the site will now, Sky Italia is very hit or miss. Sometimes, they're pulling rumors out of absolutely nowhere that no other outlet picks up on before they fade away. Other times -- usually when Gianluca Di Marzio is the reporter -- there's something more to it.

I checked Di Marzio's archives and he's reported nothing along these lines, so it's coming from somewhere else. That's not to say this is completely bogus, but if we can't trace it to him, there's no reason to believe there's anything to this yet.

Given Adebayor's big wages and the way Milan's tried to trim their wage bill recently, looking for some bargains and selling off big-name players, he's an odd target. It's also hard to believe that Spurs are looking to get rid of him for anything less than a hefty sum of money since he's almost singlehandedly kept them in the race for fourth place. Tim Sherwood seems to like him a lot and he hasn't been given the boot yet.

But Sherwood did indicate today that he's had discussions with Daniel Levy or Franco Baldini about future plans, so maybe it's not too early for summer transfer rumors to be leaking out. Maybe they already know what the manager who will take over in a post-Sherwood world wants to do and are cutting deals on his behalf. Or maybe this is all garbage.

Anyway, posting because it's fun to discuss. What do you think about a potential Ade sale?