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Friday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Friday, March 14

Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for the End, my friends

Clive Rose

Well we've reached the end of my week on the Hoddle. And Tottenham Hotspur. And history, really if we're to be honest. I think we can all agree it's over after yesterday. It's just a barren desert filled with broken down football clubs, ENIC protests, and mistaken assumptions that AVB wasn't a bad manager. So now let us join hands together and slag off our ownership for hiring Tim "Arsenal Fan" and fight to return to an era when our club had a soul and we thought hiring George Graham was a good idea. I, for one, look forward to our brave new future in the Ghanian third division, returning spelling errors to our freinds in the Hoddle, and writing more articles about Harry Kane's adventures through time and space.

And now, the weather.

Wheeler Dealer Radio - Engaged - SB Nation

Did you know that Cartilage Free Captain has an AWESOME podcast? You should check it out at the link above.

Oh son of a bitch. - Youtube

We've all been made fools of.

Bendtner doing his best the Roosevelts impression in Denmark - SB Nation

Guess he couldn't find a microwave.


But does it still come with a weird cartridge?

Steve Smith is excellent at trash talking - SB Nation

"Everybody wants to say Tim Tebow is that difference maker. He wouldn't be on my son's flag football team."