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Erik Lamela could return before season's end

This is very excellent news.

Ian Walton

Excellent news, folks, and this fell through the cracks. While Tim Sherwood was going off about how the players have no character and he's making plans for the beginning of next season, he also spoke about Erik LamelaSky Sports has his quotes, where he said that the Argentine attacker could play before the season ends.

"He's back now at the training ground. He's having rehab. It's slowly, slowly, he's getting closer, as you would expect. There was a problem with his thigh, then they diagnosed the problem with his back. He is having continued treatment and now he's started rehab. We're hoping to have him back before the end of the season but there are no guarantees."

I don't think many of us are feeling optimistic about our fourth place chances, Tim Sherwood or anything else, but this would be a big boost. I'm hoping that Lamela can get healthy and play a big part next season, and I'll feel better about that happening if he puts in a couple of solid performances before this season ends.