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WDR Mailbag: Ask your questions

Lots of fun questions about a fun game, I'm sure

Paul Gilham

So yesterday was a thing that happened and tonight, I will be joined by Lennon's Eyebrow and Uncle Menno to dissect what went right, but mostly what went wrong. Then we will pop open some Maker's Mark and try to make it through talking about our tie against Benfica on Wednesday. Following that, tuck your shirt into your shorts, double knot your shoes, and put on some chapstick cause we're headed to BAT COUNTRY to talk transfer rumors. Also we might talk about Sherwood and AVB and cry a lot. C'est la vie.

Then we'll probably need to answer some questions, so give something below. New manager? New players? What drugs are we using to get through the rest of the season? If you want to find out, ask us below. We will be sure to be super condescending and make fun of you give you the best answers we can. So go forth and ask.