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So what's the rest of the season for?

Tottenham Hotspur probably are not finishing fourth or advancing in Europa League. What should we do?

Paul Gilham

Tottenham Hotspur's loss to Arsenal on Sunday effectively ended their season. They're not going to finish top four and they're not going to advance past Benfica in Europa League. While we have differing opinions about Europa League -- I'd prefer to qualify -- I can't imagine anyone advocates losing on purpose or thinks that Europa is essential. We have some throwaway games to do whatever we wish with.

So what should we do with them? It seems pretty clear that Tim Sherwood is not going to be Spurs manager long-term, but it's anyone's guess who's going to take over. How do we get the team best prepared for next season? Do we put Sherwood out of his misery now or let him finish the season purely out of respect? Do we try to dictate who he should prioritize giving playing time to or do we let him just do his thing?

Should Spurs prioritize playing youngsters? Or the seven players who were purchased over the summer? Or should we just act like we still have something to play for and continue on like this season still matters?

I don't know how everyone's feeling yesterday, so you have a poll and a comments section. How do you think Spurs should approach the rest of the year?