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Wheeler Dealer Radio - At least we're not Aston Villa

Look on the bright side, we're not watching games in Birmingham.

Paul Gilham

Well another fun week after another fun loss. Uncle Menno brings some wholesome quality to the podcast tonight as Lennon's Eyebrow recovers from a nasty case of Tim Sherwood's substitutionitis.

On this edition of Wheeler Dealer Radio, we take look at the derby loss against the scum and assess the positives from the match (the players) and the negatives (Sherwood's subs/the result). Then we briefly turn our eye towards the Benfica tie. Then we get depressed and quickly move on to a trip to #BatCountry. Here's where we take a look at the rumors flying around Konoplyanka and his rumored move to Spurs and what that means for our current roster.

Finally we address some questions from the Mailbag and try to keep ourselves sane by thinking of potential marriages with Arsenal players, the causes of our team's problems, and if we are willing to welcome ginger haired Portuguese men back into our lives.

The player is above and you can download by right clicking save as here.