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Spurs closing in on Konoplyanka?

And you thought learning to say Chiriches was a pain.

Scott Heavey

Hey remember back in the winter when Spurs and Liverpool were linked with Ukranian winger Yevhen Konoplyanka? And remember how our stalking of Liverpool's scouts seemed to be useless as it looked like Konoplyanka to Liverpool was a done deal on deadline day? And remember how nothing ever happened?

Well Liverpool's inability to close the deal and/or better mask their scouts' movements might work out in Spurs favor. A recent interview with Dnipro's chairman revealed that we might be close to signing the up and coming Ukrainian.

"I have contact with the Tottenham president. I am talking with him," Kolomoyskyi told Ukrainian TV channel ‘2+2'.

"He is interested in Konoplyanka. We are in the stage of negotiations and are perhaps close to signing a contract if Yehven agrees."

He went on to have share some advice with Yevhen about where to ply his trade in the future.

"I would choose Tottenham - London - not Liverpool. There are matches only once or twice a week, and at other times he will still need somewhere to live.

"I believe London life is preferable to Liverpool."

Daaaaamn. What's cooler than being cool, Mr. Kolomoyskyi? ICE COLD.

So there's certainly issues with where another winger fits into the team, particularly as we don't know who will be managing Spurs next year, but hey he's young and looks good. Do you think he'll fit into the squad? He was definitely the best player on Dnipro when we played them. Remember when he clowned Kyle 2 on that overgrown WWI trench Dnipro called a pitch? Well if you don't, let's all relive the magic together.