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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For March 20, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, with a smile!

Happy (seriously this time) Spursday, Sursland! Here comes a game day with no CB's. None, nada, zip, negatory. This is just like the time on Happy Days when Ralph the Malph didn't show up to the hockey game and they had to put a doberman in at goalie. For those who have not seen the episode, the boys lost 5-0 and yes, Richie's slender upper body did look ridiculous dressed up in hockey pads.

And now the "news"

Tim Sherwood Has No Respect For Benfica Manager- Sky Sports

That's funny, because I would bet even his wife has lost respect for Tim as a footballing mind.

Non-English Speaker Linked To Spurs Manager Position- The Guardian

Muaricio Pochettino is his name, and based off nothing more than that I assume his most recent job experience was being one of Romeo and Mercutio's best pals while not having any lines in the play.

Benfica Boss Speaks About Sherwood Spat, Denies Wrongdoing- London 24

Yes, it was because the benches are so close together, not because of the words coming out of your mouth, or the hand gestures you were making at him. It was all because of the geographic proximity between you two

Julian Green Is The Best American Prospect Ever- Stars And Stripes FC.

His haircut is infuriating.

All The March Madness Breakdown Crap You Probably Needed Yesterday- SB Nation CBB

I did a March Madness thing at my haircut place where you buy a hair gook container, you get to draw a slip of paper with a team name on it out of a hat and if your team wins, you get a year of free haircuts. I was the first person to draw.  I picked Weber State. They felt so bad for me they agreed to give me one free haircut if Weber downs 1 seed Arizona. Go Wildcats!

The Nic Cage Movie Bracket- SB Nation

Go smoke all your drugs, come back and then fill this out. This is why god made THC.