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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Southampton: Player ratings to the theme of comic strips

Tim Sherwood would make an excellent Calvinball head coach.

Spurs put in an incredible 45 minute shift on Sunday to turn a two goal deficit into a 3-2 victory. After digging themselves into an early Kyle Naughton-shaped hole, the players showed fantastic character and desire and Christian Eriksen playing in his correct position to complete a fabulous comeback.

Today we rate our players to the theme of the best and worst comic strips you know from the funny pages.

5 Stars - Calvin and Hobbes

Bill Watterson is a genius and Calvin and Hobbes is the greatest comic strip of all time. Watterson used the vast canvas of C&H to explore his insights into intricacies of life, the universe, and everything, and at its core is the two lovable leads and their beautiful friendship. Calvin, perpetually out of sync with reality, escapes the struggles of growing up different through his limitless imagination and best friend/stuffed tiger Hobbes. And every panel you get to spend with them is a treasure. The strip is not just funny (though it is absolutely hilarious) but it also has more heart than any cartoon has a right to.

Christian Eriksen - As Eriksen goes, so go Tottenham Hotspur. Christian Eriksen is easily the most important player to this team, and when he's on his game amazing things can happen. Despite a quiet first half stuck on the left wing, Eriksen led the comeback with two well-taken close range finishes. He took over the second half, flitting about the pitch and making magic happen wherever he went. And then he set up the game winner, just for kicks.

Gylfi Sigurdsson - Have we finally found Gylfi's best position? He came on at half-time and completely changed the game from his central midfield role. He brought quick and intelligent passing to the midfield and won the game with an excellent finish from outside the box. At the very least, Siggy's a great utility man. But this could be the start of something great.

Roberto Soldado - Maybe his best game in a Spurs shirt, and certainly his best as a lone striker. His link up play all day was nothing short of brilliant, and his combinations with Eriksen and Sigurdsson were a joy to behold. He set up the equalizer with a perfect cross after battling well with (fouling?) Dejan Lovren.

4 Stars - The Far Side

Gary Larson did more in one panel than almost every other strip has managed to accomplish in its entire run. His surreal scenarios and perfectly crafted one-liners make it the funniest cartoon out there, and his elegant twists of the ordinary expose the deep absurdities of human nature.

Younes Kaboul - It's so nice to see him back. Physical yet graceful, he's an absolute monster in defense. He also contributed well to the attack, motoring forward like he was a right back against Man City at the end of the 2009-2010 season.

Nacer Chadli - Dangerous and involved all match, it didn't quite come together like it did in Portugal but he was always a threat. Much better on the left than in the center, and the sooner Tim realizes that he and Eriksen should switch places permanently the better this team will be.

3 Stars - Peanuts

Peanuts is a classic, and its impact on pop culture is undeniable. From movies to MetLife, the Peanuts gang has left an indelible mark on the world. But ultimately Peanuts feels like it's perpetually in stasis, with Snoopy forever asleep on his doghouse and Lucy always a moment away from pulling that football out from under Charlie Brown. Schulz doesn't move too far beyond Charlie Brown's sad sack routine, and the strip never quite spreads its wings like you wish it would.

Jan Vertonghen - Had a few derps along the way, but always managed to recover enough to keep anything truly dangerous from developing. Maybe my attitude's just changed towards the man, but he hasn't seemed nearly the player he was last season.

Nabil Bentaleb - A fine game from the youngster. Passed well and defended well. Solid if unspectacular. As usual.

Hugo Lloris - Not his usually imperious self and you would have expected to see him off his line quicker on the first goal. Still, a solid performance from the reliable Frenchman.

Danny Rose - Strangely a day where he defended better than he attacked. Caught upfield a few times, but mostly fought well in defense. Going forward was another story though, and his poor crossing wasted several promising attacks.

Andros Townsend - Fine cameo. Didn't really have time to influence much, but he didn't do anything wrong either. Had one great moment where he slipped Chadli in behind the defense.

Kyle Naughton - In a game of two halves, Naughton was the perfect microcosm of the afternoon. Two terrible individual errors led directly to Southampton's goals. But where some players would have hid from the rest of the match, Naughton battled back fabulously and ended the game as one of the best players on the pitch. While he almost single-handedly cost us points today, his performance afterwards keeps him from being the worst player on the pitch.

2 Stars - Garfield

Jim Davis is the hackiest hack in hacksville. Fat cat eats lasagna, dog falls off table, rinse, repeat. A shameless merchandising vehicle, Garfield is no more than Davis's cynical attempt to cash in on the tie-in products. The fact that it worked so spectacularly is the biggest shame of all.

Aaron Lennon - High work rate coupled with low impact. His touch was sloppy and struggled to get involved. He did manage a few decent balls into the box.

Mousa Dembele - More mouse than moose. Didn't do anything particularly well and his removal helped turn the game around. Poor day for Dembele.

1 Star - The Family Circus

Dotted lines and terrible puns with kids misunderstanding word. For fifty (50) years. If you can point to a single strip that was funny on purpose, I'll.... actually, I won't do anything because obviously your sense of humor is broken and I hope your kids never learn how to read.

Nobody was as bad as The Family Circus.