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Spurs vs. Southampton, man of the match: Christian Eriksen

A Danish delight.

IMPORTANT NEWS KLAXON: Christian Eriksen is pretty great you guys.

Once again he was the standout performer on the day, saving Tottenham Hotspur's bacon and fueling our comeback with two goals plus an assist. He was magnificent pulling the strings, scored great goals, and his free kicks may be more consistently dangerous than that Welsh dude in Madrid. Honestly, his sub-par hair cut is really the only thing about his game you could criticize.

But what's that I hear? How good was he really? Remember how we kind of sucked in the first half and were waaaay better in the second? That's basically down to where we were playing Eriksen. Check out what our own Michael Caley posted on the twitter machine, via @StatsZone.


So basically when we played him in his natural position we were totally awesome and when we played him on the left as a straight up winger we were kind of terrible. I'm not oracle but I think there might be a message in here that could help us in the future.

Given his telepathic understanding with Soldado I think giving Eriksen a run in the center of the pitch might be worth a try. What do you guys think?