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Wheeler Dealer Radio Mailbag

Asked and Answered, m8s

Hey that was an awesome game! So Lennon's Eyebrow and Uncle Menno will be joining me to talk about it tonight. We'll address the Southhampton game, look at the Liverpool match, and cast our eye towards Tottenham's future. We'll probably talk about the new manager and stuff but we could use some new material so toss us some questions below.

Want to know why we had such a great game yesterday? What we think of our team headed into next season? Who we should target on the transfer market? How hard we laughed at the Arsenal/Chelsea game? What narcotics we'll be using to make it through the Liverpool game? Now's your chance to find out. Ask below and we may grace you with our answers. If you're lucky. Or if you come back tomorrow and listen. Either/or. One or the other. No big deal.

So put your questions below and maybe we'll answer them.