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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For March 25, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, with Qatar news!

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! So it appears that the authorities in Qatar are using the transcontinental railroad method of building things fast. The "throw dead bodies at until it is built" method. It's tried and true, it goes back to before the pharaohs and what could really be more human historically than subjugating less fortunate groups of people to build your stuff for you. Qatar is taking its place among the world's great nations.

And now the "news"

Johnny Verts Hails Suarez Ability- Sky Sports

So do the other humans with eyes, or I guess the ability to read stat sheets in brail.

All The Bats In The Country- Sports Direct

I showed Kevin two stories last night, and he didn't say anything for like 20 minutes so I started writing about the cool one. If you want reporting on the cool one, see the front page right about now. Kevin literally I am writing about this other one so don't put in in the Hoddle, "You can put that La Liga shit in the Hoddle." The man knows what to push and what to bury, unlike WWE's creative department, amIright Dolph Ziggler? It's close to Wrestlemania so those of you who hate pro wrestling can just deal with it.

The Estonian Goal Celebration To End Estonian's Celebrating Anything- SB Nation Soccer

Rumor is that Putin is coming for them next so this might be the last thing any Estonian celebrates until the inevitable Russian pull back, before the also eventual Russian rise to power again. You guys should really read the Revenge Of Geography. It's a killer book.

No Contract Talks Until The Summer At Liverpool- Liverpool Offside

No distractions during that title push they aren't in.

SB Nation Condiment Bracket: The Reckoning- SB Nation

I picked a lot of lower seeds in this one because I have a discerning pallet, unlike you animals.