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Chelsea, Spurs linked to Arsenal defender

We've been down this road before.

It's safe to say that the rumor mill is already churning full force, and that we're going to hear all kinds of ridiculous stuff from now through September. Apparently Manchester United's downturn isn't helping website traffic and newspaper sales, so the English rags need to start busting out the rumors earlier than usual. We got some stuff about AVB wanting Spurs players yesterday, along with a nice Romelu Lukaku rumor. Why not throw something about Bacary Sagna into the mix?

As you may know, the Arsenal right back's contract is up this summer and he hasn't signed a new one, despite some reported offers. The Daily Mail is reporting that Inter Milan, who were rumored to be interested, have soured a bit on the move, and that both Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea are now interested.

While I don't think the Mail pulled this out of nowhere, I doubt there's much to it. More likely than not, Sagna would like to stay at Arsenal if the money is as good as he'd get elsewhere. What better way to get Arsenal to offer more money than to claim that Tottenham and Chelsea want to sign him? It's an easy agent ploy, and it probably won't hurt his ability to bargain.

Spurs are not going to sign a replacement for Kyle Walker, nor are they going to pay a backup nearly six figures a week. This is nothing. His agent is using us to drum up interest like lots of agents do with lots of players.