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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links March 27, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links

Clive Rose

Happy Thursday, Spursland!  Hey, look! Video evidence that Gomes is still part of the team.

And now the "news"

No Regrets Over Spurs Move For A Certain Icelandic Player-Sky Sports

Yeah, I worded that title that way so I wouldn't need to click back over to the other page to double check how you spell this dude's (look a me doing it again) name.

Dortmund Mulling Summer Move For Chiriches-Haringey Independent

Seems like a smart money move, as that song about sharing mothers is blowing up. (Note: that joke only works if you click on both links AND are like me and purposely avoided learning how to pronounce he name.  Every time I see it in print I read it as"churches".)

David Moyes Not The Man To Fix Broken Manchester United-SB Nation Soccer

In addition to these things he does wrong I think his hair cut is way too close to Tim Sherwood's for comfort.

Liverpool Fans Sing To The Team Bus-SB Nation Soccer

Nobody was actually in it at the time though. This is the life of the Liverpool supporter: always meaning well but his or her natural lack of intelligence leads to sad moments like this.

Steven Jovetic Is A Training Ground Hero-SB Nation Soccer

The practice room hero is always an odd thing. Mostly because as soon as they are playing against an actual opponent they tend to suck. Every high school team has one of these guys. In practice he can own anyone on any day sort of a thing. For example, I was a practice room hero in college. This probably explains why my best season win total was like 6. I assume it works the same way with Steven Jovetic. (Editor's Note: Your assumption could not be more incorrect.)

College Players Win Battle In First Step Towards Unionization-SB Nation

See above for why I don't think sending in my union dues will be worth it.

The Most Dad Thing Bracket-SB Nation Genius

In my house, not crying wins. I once saw my father accidentally hit himself in the hand with a hatchet.  And not a little bit hit his hand he really nailed it. NO tears just a healthy amount of black electrical tape to hold the thumb in place and putting me in the car to drive to urgent care. No not a hospital. I didn't live in a place with such luxuries growing up.  And he got there a a nurse stitched him up with no Novocain because "the doctor left early and it's Friday so we close soon".  Dry eyes.