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Monday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for March 3, 2014

Goals of the season, and strong words for a gentleman from Sky Sports.

Mike Hewitt

Happy Monday Spursland! Nice to see Soldado finally took my advice on watching the training scene from Mulan before games. Also training, and big dates, and bathing. It just makes you really want to do a job you know? That and listening to High Enough by Damn Yankees.

Either way we can all agree that Robeto Soldado is mysterious as the dark side of the moon AND he took us high enough.

And now the "news"

Not Everyone Is Impressed With Soldado Yet-Sky Sports

Oh go jump in a lake!

Walker To Miss Friendly-BBC

Good he needs rest and we need a reason not to play Fryers anymore for a bit. With Walker back we can stick "The Other Kyle" on the other side. Which would be great because Fryers seemed to do a lot of passing to the wrong team yesterday.

Bend It Like Messi-SB Nation Soccer

This time Keira Knightly is replaced by Miley Cyrus and Parminder Nagra is replaced by Katy Perry, because that's how Hollywood works.

Yaya With A Goal Of The Season Candidate-SB Nation Soccer

That's it, wrap it up, and somebody send memos to the NFL, all Rugby Union AND league organizations, nobody is allowed to kick balls anymore. We have peaked as humans who kick balls.

Louis Van Gaal Set to Replace Moyes If Moyes Gets The Ax-The Busby Babe

I don't know I think AVB deserves another shot in England....

A Modest Proposal For NFL Locker Rooms-SB Nation

Someone who can't spell made SB Nation's front page? There is hope.