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Who's got questions for Wheeler Dealer Radio?


Jamie McDonald

I will be joined via the magic of the internet's tubes later this evening as we bring you the internet's most electrifying Spurs podcast back to your earballs. We know how thrilled and excited you are.

On the podcast, we will address yesterday's match against Cardiff, last week's match against Junadepro, how much we wanted to hug Roberto Soldado yesterday, Andros Townsend's High Five prowess, the latest managerial rumors surrounding the club, and lay out exactly how we will get relegated to the Russian Fifth Division.

But we know that we're so smart and handsome you want to hear our opinion on all sorts of things.  ITK rumors, Oscar dresses, Doctor Who, BBQ, Lamela's hair, NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS. Except for the stuff we don't want to talk about.

So give us your questions in the comments below. Maybe we'll address them. Probably. I mean it could happen. Maybe. I guess. Look don't hold me to it.