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Poll: What was Tim Sherwood doing on the phone during the Liverpool game?

This is important and we need your help.

@barryhand on Twitter

Tim Sherwood was chatting on the phone on the bench during Tottenham Hotspur's match against Liverpool. They were down 2-0 at the time and conceded about two minutes after the camera cut away from the above shot of Sherwood on the phone, which he's hilariously trying to be discreet about. Nah bro, we can see your phone.

Anyway, we thought we'd ask what you think he was doing on the phone. We present some possibilities.

Ordering a pizza

The most obvious. He's going to be hungry as balls when he gets home.

Chatting with his nan


Getting fired by Daniel Levy

How great would it be if Dan was so pissed that he just canned Sherwood in-game?

Asking Louis van Gaal what to do

He could obviously use the help at the moment.

Telling Sandra not to forget to make Harry his bacon sandwich

Harry gets grumpy when she forgets.

Photo via @barryhand on Twitter.