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Can Spurs benefit from possible Southampton firesale?

Southampton are in financial trouble again. BUY ALL THE WONDERKIDS.

Ben Hoskins

Do you guys remember that one time when Southampton went super duper broke, got relegated, then got relegated again and had to work their way back to the Premier League from League One? Well, they appear to have spent themselves into a corner again. The Saints owe £27m in transfer fees and their new chairman, Hans Hofstetter, has called their financial situation 'difficult'.

Of course, they'll be helped out quite a bit if Juventus decide to pay a hilarious amount of money for Pablo Dani Osvaldo, but barring that, they'll need to make some other significant sales. They might need to sell one of their wonderkids and/or Adam Lallana even if Osvaldo fetches a nice fee.

Spurs could be one of multiple beneficiaries from this. Soton are loaded with great young talent in all kinds of positions. James Ward-Prowse and Luke Shaw are universally regarded as the top prospects in English football, while Sam Gallagher and Callum Chambers look like great prospects as well. Even some of their more established, older players like Lallana, Nathaniel Clyne, Jay Rodriguez, Morgan Schneiderlin and Victor Wanyama could potentially improve a team like Spurs.

Southampton's financial situation is worth keeping an eye on heading into the summer. It could be a huge boost to Spurs -- or one of their rivals.