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Belgian wonderkid link persists, with Liverpool entering the chase

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Let's find out who Ismail Azzaoui is.

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Paolo Bruno

Tottenham Hotspur have been linked to Belgian wonderkid Ismail Azzaoui for a while, but his signing hasn't actually been announced, nor has any outlet claimed that he won't be coming. One outlet called his signing 'imminent' almost a month ago, after which we heard nothing. But the Daily Mail claims that Spurs are still pursuing him, though Liverpool is interested as well.

It's a short bit in a big transfer story, but here it is.

Another Anderlecht starlet Ismail Azzaoui is expected to complete a deal with Tottenham despite late interest from Liverpool in the 16-year-old winger.

Earlier in the month, several sources reported that Azzaoui had already agreed to join Tottenham. Tribal Football, likely citing this Belgian report from February, quoted Jean Kindermans, a youth staffer at Anderlecht as saying, "We have heard that Spurs are interested in Azzaoui and it is the player's right to make a choice. We regret that he will leave us, but you cannot compare this loss with Adnan Januzaj's move to Manchester United a few years ago."

As is the case with most 16-year-olds, I haven't seen Azzaoui play a full game myself. He hasn't made his pro debut for Anderlecht yet or played a competitive Under-17 fixture, so doing that would be impossible. But what we do have is this pretty cool highlight video from a U-16 game where he scores a great goal. He's No. 19 for Belgium.

Here's to hoping this becomes an actual thing.