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Spurs fans sing "Where is our manager"

Turns out, Spurs fans have a good sense of humor even when they're losing.

Jasper Juinen

I imagine yesterday afternoon wasn't much fun if you were an away supporter sitting in Anfield. But maybe it was! Despite the heavy 4-0 loss, the Tottenham fans that made the trip to Liverpool's stadium certainly made an evening of it, and showed some wonderful camaraderie in the face of a pretty awful match.

Here are supporters chanting "Where is our manager?" directed at Tim Sherwood, who watched the game from the stands:

And here, from the same uploader, are Spurs away fans chanting "Let's pretend we scored a goal!"

(h/t YouTube uploader Ben Steptoe)

Let it not be said that Spurs supporters don't have a sense of humor.