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Tim Sherwood loses it on Sky Sports

That interview didn't go so well!

Jamie McDonald

Tim Sherwood has spent most of his tenure as Tottenham Hotspur manager saying all of the right things at the right time. When things haven't gone well for Spurs, he's stayed positive. He's backed the players, shown confidence in his own abilities and made sure not to make any PR missteps. He's been much better at handling the media than his predecessor, Andre Villas-Boas.

Then, his side lost 4-0 to Chelsea in rather embarrassing fashion. After the game, he spoke to Sky Sports. We can no longer say that Sherwood is an expert at keeping his cool in difficult situations and making sure he always says the right things to the media.

"Anyone can slip and it's a bad error. The second one, the penalty and the sending off, it's gone against us. Game's over after that, but still, doesn't [account] for the capitulation. Can't have that ... We have a lack of character. Too many are too nice with each other. They need to show more gut and not just want to be someone's mate. I can't always be having a pop at them, they need to drag it out of each other."

Then, Sherwood was asked if the lack of character shown by the players was harder to take than the result.

"It is for me. It hurts me. I'm not going to forget about this. There's a few I'd count on, there's a few I wouldn't. You never know ... We owe the fans. We've let them down again, on a big occasion. You aren't going to finish top four if you can't beat the big teams, not going to happen. Everyone is talking about fourth, everyone at the club talks about fourth. Wake up."