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James Milner part of apparent Tottenham 'rebuild around English core'

Tottenham's season might as well be over in the eyes of the press, so let's start talking about insane things.

Clive Rose

Since Tottenham Hotspur got killed by Chelsea on Saturday and Tim Sherwood said that the players don't have any character, the problem is obviously ALL THOSE DANG FOREIGNERS. If Spurs are ever going to compete with the big boys, they need to build around strong British cores, like Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal have!

That's why the Daily Mail are running with the headline 'Spurs eye City outcast Milner as rebuild is planned around English core' with the following line in their article.

Tottenham are looking to build a side around young English talent and clear out the deadwood left over from the reign of Andre Villas-Boas.

It's a good thing we've sold Tom Huddlestone and Steven Caulker, then. And that Jake Livermore seems to want nothing to do with a return to Spurs. And that we've looked for every available excuse to not play Tom Carroll. Whoops!

James Milner is a decent enough player and I would be neither disappointed, nor extremely thrilled to see him at White Hart Lane. But a rebuilding plan that centers around taking losses on the sale of talented players and xenophobia sounds like a pretty awful idea.

Thanks for the entertainment, Daily Mail.