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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 1, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with zero funny things.

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Alex Livesey

Happy April Fools Day, Spursland! Welcome to the day when your local wacky radio DJ will be selling you some fake story and your coworker, you know "that one", is either going to bite hard or think it's hysterical. "Hey did you hear? The governor canceled all taxes for this year. Yeah, they said it on the radio." This day represents the antithesis of funny.

And now the "news"

Spurs Hold Second Inquest After Liverpool Loss- Telegraph

Inquest? Is that like an Inquisition? I think it probably is. Because the inquisition's here and it's here to staaaaaaaaaay.

Paulinho Upset At Lack Of Playing Time- Samba Foot

I would say you need to play well in order to get on the team, but that doesn't always matter when you are dealing with he managing equivalent of Saparmurat Niyazov.

Hillsborough: New Inquest Begins- SB Nation Soccer

I am up to my god damn eyeballs in inquests today.

Catcher Takes One In The Balls- SB Nation

I got hit there with a tennis ball today, it hurt a lot. I feel your pain my man.

The Greatest Vine In The History Of Overly Caffeinated Children- SB Nation

Children and caffeine mixed together usually transports you to a hellscape reminiscent to the darkest days of Caligula's rule.