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Tottenham lining up shock move for Real Madrid manager

In the (hopefully) likely event that Tim Sherwood is relieved of his managerial duties after this season, Tottenham Hotspur could make a move for under-fire Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti.

Denis Doyle

Tottenham Hotspur are probably going to fire Tim Sherwood after this season. Spurs have been linked with a number of high-profile managerial candidates, chiefly Dutch managers Louis van Gaal and Frank de Boer. However, a new option may have presented itself, at least according to the Daily Mail: Carlo Ancelotti. The Real Madrid boss is under pressure after losing two key La Liga games in the last ten days, which may have been enough to guarantee that they won't be winning the title this year.

The Daily Mail also offers up a couple of other interesting little tidbits, albeit with no quotes or anything else that might actually indicate any insider knowledge.

Levy still wants Sherwood to succeed as manager. The 40-year-old former academy coach is planning for next season and has detailed a number of transfer targets to turn round the club’s fortunes.

Levy is understood to have distanced himself from the possibility of bringing in Dutchmen Louis van Gaal or Frank de Boer, who have irritated the Spurs chairman by talking in public about the approach he made before Sherwood was offered the job.

I know Levy is intensely private about the way he runs the club, but if I'm forced to endure another season of Tim Sherwood just because van Gaal and de Boer talked about possibly getting the Spurs job, then I am going to lose my mind. The prospect of having a manager like Ancelotti is cool and all, but let's be honest, there are a lot of attractive jobs out there that might be available to Ancelotti (Manchester United, Marseille, and various national team jobs) and Tottenham might not be anywhere near the top of that list.

I'd love to have Ancelotti in charge of Spurs. He's not exactly known for beautiful football, but if Spurs want a manager with a history of winning and an ability to handle and attract some of the top talents in football, then it's hard to see how they could go wrong with the Italian. The main problem I can see with Ancelotti is that, aside from his 8 years in charge of AC Milan, he's never lasted very long at any other post. That's not exactly good for a Tottenham club that's searching for a little stability.