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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 10, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links.

Mike Hewitt

Happy Thursday Spursland! So this weekend we have a winnable game against a possible new employer for Tim Sherwood.  It's on a Saturday morning at 10 so that works for both the sleep in crowd And the church crowd.  I don't know how things could get any OH MY GOOD THE HEART BLEED BUG.

And now the "news"

A Paper That Is Not To Be Used In The Hoddle Did A Thing, Another Paper Noticed-Telegraph

Das Racist.  Well probably not it's really just dumb at worst, and unethical at worst.

Dutch Batcountry Is Here, it Smells Of Herring-Sky Sports

Ya get it?  It smells fishy?

Big Tim Linked To West Brom Job-Give Me Sport

Well this is going to be an awkward interview.

Title Or Not Liverpool Need To Strengthen-SB Nation Soccer

Our dear friend writes a dear gem.  No that wasn't sarcastic, it's really really good

Bayern Munich 3 Manchester United 1: 22 Seconds In Heaven

LOL they thought they were people.

Gary Player Telling A Story Bout Arnold Palmer Shtting On A Green In Japan-SB Nation Look It

Does this surprise you?  It shouldn't.  Weird stuff happens on golf courses ALL THE TIME.  For example someone who is not, I repeat not my father has not paid for medical care in years because he has picture of the family doctor stripped down and retrieving a ball from a pond and then taking a drop, chipping to 5 feet and sinking the put for bogey.  He was still stripped down to his boxers when he was on the green.  The Doctor still sends the bills and "not my dad" rips them up and throws them away.  Been doing it (allegedly) for years, some people value the club membership quit a bit.