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Milos Veljkovic is really, really excited about life

Golly mister, I sure do like football.

Bryn Lennon

Milos Veljkovic made his Premier League debut for Tottenham Hotspur on Monday and he was thrilled. Obviously most teenagers that get into Premier League games are pretty happy about just making an appearance, but Milos was really, really enthusiastic.

Seriously, read this. He's adorable.

"It has always been my dream to play for such a big club and, seriously, I can't find the words to describe this moment. Since I came to this club when I was 15 it was always my goal to come on and finally it happened against Sunderland. It's my first step and hopefully I can go on and play many more games in the future ... It's a pleasure to play with these players. Seriously, they are world class players and I'm so happy to play alongside them."

I don't know about you, but I've been wondering why Veljkovic hasn't gotten more playing time in the absence of some central defenders and central midfielders in recent weeks. He's been one of our most highly touted prospects for a while and he looks like he's ready for a bit more first team action, and he's clearly excited about the opportunity.

I'm pretty indifferent on the whole Europa League/no Europa League debate and, as hilarious as Arsenal have been lately, I don't think we actually have a shot at fourth place. I'd like to see more Milos, and more Harry Kane and Nabil Bentaleb, for that matter. Let's give a new manager some tape to look at and, at the very worst, advertise these guys for potential lower Premier League loans next year instead of Championship loans or a lifetime spent in Swindon.