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Franco Baldini exiting due to lack of power?

It's possible that Tottenham Hotspur could go to some sort of hybrid model where they have a director of football, but not one with final say on transfers.

Ben Hoskins

We've heard grumblings that Franco Baldini is set to exit Tottenham Hotspur this summer after just one season with the club and those rumors are just gaining strength. According to one outlet, the biggest reason for his potential exit will be that he will have his power and influence reduced if he sticks around.

The source, TuttoMercatoWeb, is very much a rumors-oriented blog that should be taken with an entire salt mine. But the rumor that they passed along about Baldini is an interesting one. Here's the original quote, in Italian.

Secondo indiscrezioni raccolte da TMW - in estate dirà addio a Franco Baldini: il motivo principale è la poca autonomia che gli spurs sono disposti a dare al dirigente, mettendo in prima linea la figura dell'allenatore anche in sede di mercato.

And here's a translation from SB Nation's Jack Sargeant.

According to information gathered by TMW, the main reason Franco Baldini will leave Spurs in the summer is because of the lack of autonomy they are giving him; [they will be] putting the coach first even when it comes to transfers.

Basically, Tottenham Hotspur don't want to give their director of football direct control over transfers. They might still want someone to perform the role, but they want their head coach to have the final say. Whether that's down to having a top coaching candidate set in stone or just a general principle is anyone's guess.

Anyone have thoughts on this? Do you like the pure director of football/head coach model? Or do you think the director of football should be more of a chief scout and negotiator than someone who actually has final say over which players are purchased?