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Tim Sherwood likes the past tense, as well as his job

He won't be at Spurs much longer, but he sure does like management.

Ian Walton

Tim Sherwood's press conference quotes have been flying all over on Friday, with most people focusing on one. Here's that one that everyone seems to be talking about.

"It's been an honour to manage this great football club and I have enjoyed it. It's been different and an experience like no other."

The main focus here is that he's talking like he's about to exit. This is how someone talks about their job the last day before they retire or their contract ends. Sherwood is a lame duck manager, he's known it for a while and he's not exactly shy about it. He no longer harbors delusions of managing the club next season, nor does he feel any need to convince the press or the players that he's planning ahead. We're about to enjoy our last five games with Tim.

But the rest of his presser should have been much more interesting, at least to people who care about matters beyond the immediate future of the managerial job at Tottenham Hotspur. He talked about the management experience and how he feels about the profession, and he said some things that should probably endear him to potential future employers. His quotes also imply that he probably won't be interested in taking his old job back if he's offered.

"Perversely, I've enjoyed the pressure. You hear of a lot of managers saying they could do without the pressure, but I'm not sure I could do without it now. I think any day in management is a learning curve. This has been a baptism of fire to be honest, but it's certainly one that I relish. My family are saying ‘why? Why do you want to do it?' but it's in me and it's something that's inbred in me. Unless you have ever stood in that technical area and had the expectations of the whole football club - not only the 35,000 fans at home and those that travel away, but also the 45,000 on the waiting list at Tottenham and their support around the world - then you don't know what it's like to be a manager."

Tim Sherwood seems like a pretty cool guy that loves his job. I hope he gets a good one in the Championship and becomes a solid Premier League manager someday.