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West Bromwich Albion vs. Tottenham Hotspur: Final score 3-3, just end this season

A bunch of guys ran around on a pitch for 90 minutes and things happened.

Ross Kinnaird

Tottenham Hotspur and West Bromwich Albion were both awful on Saturday, though they were nice enough to take turns at it. Spurs started horribly, conceded three times, then decided to start playing for their pride. The Baggies switched off and let them score three times. West Brom fans booed their side off the pitch after the 3-3 draw, and it's not as if Tottenham fans were much happier.

The game featured hilarious defensive errors, an all-time bad missed penalty, an own goal and lots of guys standing around. I would like to thank Tottenham Hotspur for continuing to waste my time.

Watching 3-3 games is fun when goals go in because the match is a wide-open one, with both teams really going for it. This wasn't one of those games. Both teams just had extended stretches where they were very, very bad and didn't look like they could be arsed to do much.

It was an unprofessional performance from both teams and I've already written 200 more words about this match than it deserves. And we're going to have to watch four more of these games while Everton and Arsenal slip up, and we'll finish the season in sixth or seventh, looking up at a fourth-place finisher who isn't anything special at all, wondering what could have been.