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No, Tottenham Hotspur are not seriously pursuing Jürgen Klopp

But dreaming sure is fun.

Alexander Hassenstein

You'll be stunned to learn that Daniel Levy would like to hire Jürgen Klopp, one of the most admired and respected managers in all of world football, to manage Tottenham Hotspur.

I don't exactly want to link The Sun today, but it's their story, so here you go. They're behind a paywall because lol. Here's the tiny snippet we get for free.


TOTTENHAM want Jurgen Klopp to be their new boss.

The Borussia Dortmund chief is the No 1 target in their search for a big name to replace rookie Tim Sherwood.

There's a chance that Jiggins gets into all kinds of hedging, says it's a pipe dream, Levy knows he can't really get him, etc. But that's certainly not what The Sun is presenting in trying to get you to pay for the rest of the article.

While I can't criticize Jiggins' reporting without being able to see his entire article, I can certainly criticize the idea that Klopp is a realistic target for Tottenham Hotspur, and that even the biggest salary Spurs would be willing to pay a manager and the biggest transfer budget they could reasonably offer him would be enough to entice him to leave Borussia Dortmund now instead of waiting to see if he gets a call from Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United or Arsenal in the near future.

Klopp knows he's a god where he is and he knows that much bigger jobs than this one will be offered to him within the next couple of years, if not this summer. He will not be the next manager of Tottenham Hotspur. It's not worth discussing.