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Tottenham striker offered to Napoli?

It's probably not going to happen, for obvious reasons.

Ian Walton

Tottenham Hotspur don't have a new manager yet and no one knows what Franco Baldini's future with the club is, but we're already hearing all kinds of rumors about what first team players might be exiting White Hart Lane. One we're sure to hear about all summer is Emmanuel Adebayor, and he's apparently been offered to Napoli, according to one report in Italy.

CalcioMercato raises all of the same concerns about this that I would. While a potential sale price would be low enough for Napoli to bite, the problem with moving Adebayor anywhere except the Middle East is his wages. He would have to agree to a significant wage cut to go just about anywhere. Napoli aren't going to pay him a salary comparable to Gonzalo Higuain's to be a backup, and Ade probably won't accept a huge pay cut to be a clear backup.

Whenever Adebayor rumors come up, think of them in this context. Would the buying team be willing to come close to paying his current salary and would Adebayor be willing to take a pay cut to go there? In Napoli's case, the answers to both questions are probably no.